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Lisa Kaufman, M.A.

Recruitment Consultant

Lisa brings over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. Lisa draws upon her wealth of experience in the medical field to help medical practices and health care facilities find the top talent to join their teams.


Prior to joining STS, Lisa was a Therapist in private practice, specializing in Substance Abuse, Women's Issues, Children, Groups, Dual-Diagnosis, Court Reports, DUI, OWI, Retail Fraud, Child Abuse and Neglect.


Lisa also worked at Kadima counseling clients with both mental health and substance abuse issues, and led a Parent Advocacy Group for children with emotional and behavioral problems, as well as a Young Adult and Substance Abuse Group.

Prior to joining Kadima, Lisa worked as an Inpatient Substance Abuse Hospital and ran many family outpatient groups, along with children's groups. She conducted joint sessions with patients and family members, and helped formulate aftercare plans for both patient and families to follow. In addition, Lisa worked in the court system doing evaluations for probation officers, where she ran a group in probation for offenders of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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